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Thread: Gruden's QB Camp

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    I watched them as a group tonight, for quick comparison. Kirk Cousins wins going away. Easily the most impressive performance with Gruden, not merely this year but in the short history of the series. He was relaxed, likable, specific and inquisitive, managing what very, very few quarterbacks have done within the series, to turn it into a natural one-on-one conversation on equal footing. Cousins carried the dialog for large segments of the half hour, unlike several others who were seemingly intimidated and therefore hesitant to inject a topic, forcing Gruden to semi-monologue.

    Cousins was so far beyond his years he reminded me of a preppy young golf pro who has been in the spotlight for years and already mastered every trick with media, sponsors, and fans. Even his teeth and haircut were PGA perfect, like a young David Toms.

    I still think Cousins is a moderate prospect, a backup or low level stop-gap starter. He dominated with Gruden. I don't want any of this to sound like an altered opinion on their ability or draft slotting, merely how they performed in a unique setting.

    Luck was a comfortable second. Awesome on the chalk board but he seemed to goof around a bit otherwise, enjoying the experience. A tip off to Luck's class was when he agreed with Gruden's premise on the failed banana against USC, "I think it goes back to the Oregon game..." Beyond doubtful. That game was a full year earlier. As Gruden pointed out, Stanford runs that scheme many times per game. It's a big favorite the final option popped open many subsequent times, and by greater margin. Since Gruden invested so much time studying Stanford, and on the "camps" in general, Luck instinctively knew to make him look good by pinpointing the Oregon example.

    Wilson and Moore were next...talkative and detailed enough, but not on Cousins' level. The outside clips stood out in those episodes. Wilson had a more muscular torso than I realized and looked terrific throwing the ball. Moore was frail and sweaty, unfortunately living up to the stereotype of an Idaho kid dealing with Tampa weather.

    This was the first I'd seen of the Weeden version. Impressive guy. More low key than I anticipated. I had no idea Gruden had isolated the safety/pick six against Texas. Weeden should have been asked to describe the play.

    Tannehill, as I mentioned last night, was quiet and passive and seemingly reluctant to initiate, but at least he improved as it went along, and did well in the throwing segment.

    Foles has been the same in every game and interview I've seen for years, a bit out there. Gruden thought it necessary to bring in the prop for that episode -- Brad Johnson -- which seemed to indicate Gruden didn't believe Foles could carry a half hour.

    Osweiler finished up the track. It may have been preferable to his Boise State outing, but only fractionally.

    I didn't pay much attention to Keenum, who was strangely low decibel. A guy from a somewhat rogue program needed to stand out, although he did describe Houston as "third world," LOL.

    Robert Griffin could cure every disease and I'd still knock the guy. Party on the left, all business on the right, and hopefully bust everywhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrispepper View Post
    Was really impressed with Weeden in that interview, came across as humble whilst still having that confidence you need as a quarterback, complete opposite of osweiler who just seemed arrogant. Would really not be upset if we passed on Tannehill in Round 1 and took this guy in the 2nd.
    The only problem I have with drafting Weeden is his age...if we drafted him we would only have about a 5 year window of opportunity to make it happen and then we are back to square one trying to replace him (assuming he turns out to be a franchise QB)...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Predaphin View Post
    The only problem I have with drafting Weeden is his age...if we drafted him we would only have about a 5 year window of opportunity to make it happen and then we are back to square one trying to replace him (assuming he turns out to be a franchise QB)...
    Not with the way QBs are protected now.

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    Brock will gone by the 2nd Rd.....good for Miami....wouldn't want them to tempted by a long term project that may not have the skill set to fit into their offense....if they pass on Tannehill, would rather have Folk or the SD State kid who at this point is the sleeper of the group and is similar to RT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Awsi Dooger View Post
    I'm sure there will be numerous interpretations. I thought Tannehill was overly passive early, almost to the point it forced Gruden to carry the show more than his expectation and beyond ideal. Proper that Blaine Gabbert's name surfaced because Tannehill eclipsed Gabbert's performance last year for lowest decibel level and animation.

    I don't know who owns the mark for most "Yes, sir" but Tannehill has got to be right there.

    He grew on me later in the show. But a confident polished guy like Luck and all his bananas were available for only a month of additional failure. That's all I was thinking about while watching Gruden with Tannehill.

    Tannehill seems like a Sawgrass quarterback: "Better than most." That's where Gary Koch's famous call of Tiger's long putt on the island green took place, at Sawgrass. A friend and I use that code in Las Vegas, for no apparent reason. "Do you like that bet?" "Sawgrass"

    If everything panned out, topside for Tannehill might be 10-12th in the league. I guess that's okay.

    Still trying to pinpoint who Tannehill reminds me of. Luck is easy: Jim Kelly. Same shoulders and body type and trajectory with a similar personality. Both used a pro style attack to jumpstart a program that had been way down. Luck is somewhat taller and more mobile. Kelly had the stronger arm. Even the number is identical: 12
    I'm not sure what you were watching.........I saw a kid who loves the game in a peyton manning kind of way, with amazing physical skills beyond probably anyone in this draft (with the possible exception of RG3, I think Ryan has a better arm and obviously superior height).

    How many QB's can run a 4.5 40? Especially QB's 6'4" or taller?

    This is a special talent.........10-12 in the league? He has a ceiling at the very top of this league.

    Fiedler did not have the arm strength of Tannehill, but overall he was a much better QB."

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    And who do you think is going to believe you.

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