The Miami Dolphins have been plagued by many bad news this off-season. It all started with the Miami Dolphins not being able to acquire a star quarterback. After the departure of Marshall, the Miami Dolphins chances of scoring passing touchdowns have greatly diminished. When Jeff Ireland was questioned in regards to the draft he had indicated that there were bigger needs than Quarterback. Ireland did pointed out that he is currently leaning toward drafting an offensive lineman and gave no indication that he was interested in drafting a quarterback. One would question at this very moment of the direction that this franchise is taking; however, this new direction may be a result of a new rule that Stephen Ross has proposed for Quarterbacks. Stephen Ross is now proposing a new rule that limits the amount a Quarterback can throw to 10 times a game. Basically enabling the quarterback to be useless in a game. According to some sources, Stephen Ross is intentionally trying to demoralize the Quarterback position to solve all the quarterback issues that have plagued the franchise since the departure of Dan Marino.