Now this next kid is another very talented underclassman that I like by the name of Stedman Bailey. He's from Miami and was high school teammates with Geno Smith at Miramar, also his quarterback at West Virginia. Bailey was recruited hard by several SEC schools.... I think he had 5 offers from SEC schools.

He's not a big receiver at around 5'10", 190... but he does what I like to see. He runs his routes at full speed. That's one of the first things you have to learn as a route runner in order to be effective at it and set DB's up in order to separate.... and he's a consistent hands catcher that doesn't allow the ball into his body. He consistently does a few things on tape that are essential in order to be a big time player, and quality NFL wide receiver prospect:

1. Defeat the jam at the LOS with technique
2. Separate against man coverage via route running
3. Ability to track difficult passes with the eyes over the improper shoulder
4. Displays the attitude that the ball is his in 50/50, or jump ball situations
5. Block downfield and on the perimeter with tremendous effort

He exploded this past season as a sophomore with 72 receptions, 1,279 yards, and 12 TD's. Averaged almost 18 yards per reception.

In this first clip, the first thing I take notice of is the shell coverage. They're playing a C2 with press-man across the board underneath with the cornerbacks. Bailey immediately defeates the press coverage at the LOS and gets a seam release to the inside. He gets the DB to turn his hips on his 4th step which is exactly how you coach it. Once the DB flips his hips, Bailey shoots back across his face and threatens the seam that the safety is responsible for. Dana Holgorson likes to "tag" the backside receiver routes... in other words, the receiver adjusts his route on the fly by reading the coverage. Bailey sees that the safety is flat footed and looking in the opposite direction towards the strength of the formation (the 2 receiver side) and Bailey stretches him vertically... runs right by what is supposed to be the last line of defense in this shell look. In Cover-2 the safeties are required to be deeper than the deepest receiver, and wider than the widest this case he's neither... and Bailey runs right by him and continues to separate at the top of his route until the ball arrives.

Then he delivers a stiff arm and displays his RAC ability: