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and if the Dolphin braintrust passes on him they will be screwing up yet again.

This kid has everything you look for in a franchise QB, He's big, he's athletic, fast, strong arm, Accurate........he loves the game in "Peyton Manning" kind of way.

Yes, he'll need a season probably to acclimate to the NFL....but if we could go back and draft Drew Brees knowing he needed some time to adjust, wouldn't we do it?

Same with Aaron Rogers......wouldn't that be better than what we've wasted 12 years trying to do?

If you don't like Tannehill as a prospect, then I totally understand.....if you don't want to draft him because you think it's a litttle to high at 8, or because he might need time to adjust to the NFL....then I think your making a mistake.

This kid has everything your looking for, with the only exception being that he didn't play QB for 4 years in college. But many others that have succeeded in the NFL didn't either....including Cam Newton.
I agree and in the end, its about character and work ethic practicing and studying to be the best and then learning from mistakes and then executing. peyton manning wasnt great until his contract was due, before that he was just good. I certainly see where Thill will be ready to go after one year. He has the goods and whatever he doesnt have, he will work at it.

That said, I wish to trade down because I really dont think anyone else wants him until 22 and even after that, its clear sailing unless Belichick wants to get cute again.