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Thread: miller?

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    No, not "miller?"

    It's, "MILLER!!!"

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    I wanted LaMicheal James but like all the other top backs (except Miller) he flew off the board earlier than expected.

    Think about it: (I have been saying this all along....) Our top offensive weapon is now Reggie Bush. Our offense is going to be designed to take advantage of his skills. So what happens when he needs a rest or, Dog forbid, gets hurt (and he isn't a big guy), are we then supposed to throw out our playbook, bring in Thomas and play Sparano ball? We HAD to have a guy who can back up Reggie: bonus he can play ST/KR, add 2 scat-back personnel packages to the offense (who else does that?), plus be there if Bush leaves. Oh, and he might turn out to be a pretty good back in his own right (see L. McCoy).

    He wasn't my first choice, but this was absolutely a need position and Miller was destined for the job. He was an excellent value considering the rising stock of RB's this year and a local guy (favorite?). It is no wonder why the Dolphins did what they did, and gave what they gave, to get Lamar Miller.

    Would a team start the year with no backup QB??? No. And now the Dolphins won't start the year without a backup for their offensive MVP (fragile as he is). This was one of the most crucial positions of need in the Dolphins draft when you think about it.



    PS: I hope you are wrong about this guy TedSlimm; maybe he just needs a little coaching and pro-football as a full-time job.
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    This guy has serious potential. Just too much talent to pass. Like the pick a lot
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