The last 2 drafts under Ireland, when you look at who you could have selected at same point, I do feel Ireland has drafted very, very well, but who would you have taken at same spots throughout draft? Mine would look:-

1-Ryan Tannehill. I understand he was 'overdrafted' but every QB is and when you take into account that he is coming in already knowing offense, taking him at 8 IMO hits on value too. As a side note, after watching Gruden QB camp, I wanted him big time.
2-J.Martin. We need a RT/RG, we are looking to get more athletic and Martin hits on both needs and is great value. IMO no brainer.
3.O.Vernon. We need DE and he has big upside.
3-M.Sanu. If I was a DC I would be more concerned about Sanu than Egnew.
4-J.Crick. I love the value of L.Miller but I would have gone Crick.
5-T.Manning. IMO he is better than Kaddu
6-BJ Cunningham. Same.
7-A.Dennard. Worth a risk in 7th.
7-Cam Johnson. Good value just as a pass rusher on 3rd downs.

how would yours look?