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Thread: This offense will CREATE big name receivers, not require them

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    Of course we want a better group of receivers than we probably have right now but with a lot of those guys we don't really know what we have - especially in a WC offense. So let's see what we have first and then see about improving where necessary

    It's not like we will be contending this season anyway so this season is about development

    The likes of Bess and Hartline will be good for Tannehill's development - a lot better than if Marshall was still here
    - they won't be telling him just to throw them the ball regardless of coverages
    - they don't have freakish athletic ability so this will mean Tannehill will have to develop accuracy
    - not having one outstanding receiver means we will spread the ball around and that will teach a young QB to go through the progressions
    - most of the time they will run the right route and if they don't they will own up to it. It is important for a young QB to know when he made a mistake and when he didn't
    - they won't have throw a strop on the sideline demanding that coaches bench the young QB
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    im just glad davone bess is going to be a bigger part of our offense now. I think davone bess has been our best receiver the last few years but because of his speed he hasnt gotten alot of praise but now that marshall is gone i think he gets the opportunity he deserves, i am sure davone is going to put extra work this season and be prepared for what is coming. Philbin is going to expect him to produce alot more now that marshall is not here.
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