I think the Fundamentalist idea of God as the architect of the Cosmos is a symptom of out of date Aristotelian, & Newtonian conceptions about the "fully automatic", mechanical theory about the cause & effect nature of the universe; Newton's "billiard ball" concept, if you will.

It's never been a train of thought that has appealed to me. However, I did find enlightening the Eastern ideas that God is not something that is separate from the universe, God's not "building" the universe, as if he's somehow outside of it, or different from it. I also like the Taoist conception of their not being a "billiard ball" cause & effect, mechanical, sort of universe, but rather that these things "arrive mutually". They see the world in the way that Ecologist's do; They realize that it's a system of interrelated components, none of which can survive without the other, "they interdepend, and this total system of interdependence is the Tao".

One other idea I'd like to introduce to people is the Hindu concept of Brahma.