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You sound like a huge Mayweather nut hugger, bro. You are trying to turn this whole thing into strictly about money and business. No competitive desire or championship heart.
Whatever. If you say that I am a Mayweather Nut Hugger I guess that I am. I mean you are accusing me of being that type of person and there is absolutely no way you could be wrong! The fact is the reason the fight has not happened probably has a lot more to do with money and than your silly fear assumption!

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If you think it's OK for boxers to behave this way and not care about proving themselves to be the best and their place in history, then this is why boxing is dying. Has turned into a bitch fest of corruption and fighters cherry picking and ducking fights. Fans like you just nut hug and don't demand more. Any neutral boxing fan like me looks at this situation and calls it a disgrace. Floyd doesn't care about fighting the #1 ranked p4p fighter in the world. Yeah, Mayweather can do what he wants for "his body", and then we can label him a ducker, and a coward who lacked the heart of a champion to prove he was the best int he world.
Boxing is dying but every time Floyd steps into the ring he gets P-A-I-D! And, I mean paid handsomely! You can call the guy whatever you want. I doubt that he cares one iota about your thoughts on the matter. He's got his coin and probably does not need to take another fight if he doesn't want to. At this stage in his career he most likely is looking for a few more excellent pay days and then he's done. What you or I feel about his heart, competitive spirit or whatever else you want to throw in matters little!

You never did answer my question. Has Manny ever had a 40 million pay day? Also, I would love for you to explain to me how you feel Floyd has not fought top notch competition and is cherry picking fights. I'm waiting.....