Well, about to leave Korea in about a month so loading up on jerseys. I bought 12 today for $275 bucks, including 2 Marino jerseys (one for me one for a buddy) that basically ended up being 23 bucks each! These jerseys are by far the best quality I have seen, including a Marino jersey I paid $150 bucks for. All numbers and names cloth and hand stitched, not cheap iron ons....and the jerseys are nice and heavy material not the thin 70 dollar jersey crap you get at the Sports Authority! I get my Tannehill jersey on the 9th and am donating a white Tannehill jersey to FINHEAVEN for them to auction off or do what they want with it to help generate some cash for our site. Here are some pics of the Marino and other jerseys I bought today. I couldn't figure out how to just post the pic....so here are the links.