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Thread: Big 12 Coaches Skeptical of Weeden

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    Here let me give you an example:


    BEREA, Ohio -- No one can say whether Brandon Weeden is going to lead the Cleveland Browns from the ranks of the worst teams in the NFL. No one, and this includes Mike Holmgren as well as Pat Shurmur, can declare that Weeden is going to stop the Browns' quarterback carousel that has spanned 16 starters since the city's return to the NFL in 1999.

    But, after 40 days and 10 practices with the Browns, there is one assessment of Weeden that everyone can agree upon: The rookie first-round pick has the look of a franchise quarterback.

    It only takes one practice to see how Weeden has the size and the arm to live up to that billing. The building excitement with Weeden comes from the fact that his potential extends beyond physical gifts.
    Browns officials haven't named Weeden the starter because they want him to earn the job. Technically, he's battling Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace. Unofficially, the Browns' mandatory minicamp this week has served more as a coronation than a competition.
    And then this...

    BEREA, Ohio -- On the first day of minicamp Tuesday, rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden stepped right up and took the first set of reps with the starting offense in 11-on-11 drills.

    Coach Pat Shurmur has asked the media not to read too much into that, but the great Bill Belichick taught us all long ago that you can only go by what you see -- what you see is that Weeden is already the guy.

    He's the first guy up in team drills, he's the guy at the podium after practice and he's the guy dazzling everyone in drills.
    Weeden has also taken it upon himself to develop chemistry after-hours with other receivers such as Greg Little.

    "Me and Greg stayed after practice the other day and worked on a particular route. I was telling Mo after practice, I love the way he runs that comeback. I love throwing it to him. He runs it well. I throw it to the sideline, he's right there and it's stealing, which feels good. I think that's when offenses get better is when their quarterbacks and receivers are on the same page."

    Said Little: "He's very capable of making any play. When he's in the huddle, his presence is felt. Guys really understand that he commands excellence when he's in there, and that's what you want in a quarterback."

    Added Jordan Norwood: "[His passes] are certainly more than catchable. Everybody knows he has a strong arm and he's doing a great job so far. There's a lot being thrown at him, but he's an older guy, so he knows how to be professional. The more he grasps the offense, the better he'll be."

    Weeden also has no qualms about chiming in and telling the coaching staff what he wants.

    "There's a couple of plays in the red zone, I told [quarterbacks coach Mark] Whipple that I wasn't a big fan of," he said. "If I don't like it I'm going to continue to tell him because if you're not comfortable with the quarterback throwing it, most coaches will tell you they won't call it. I like 99.8 percent of it."

    He might not feel like the guy yet, but he certainly looks like it.
    This is a love affair. The more they go on with it, the more R-rated it gets. The only way Weeden doesn't start day one, would be if he's hurt.
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