This is what this piece of **** cedarphin sent to me for lettin the world know the hebrews(atlanteans) are the basques.The jews conceal this and they can manipulate because they control the US media,universities etc.

"Hey dude, you're going to have to switch the whole "Basque Pride" thing you've got going in your sig/avatar. We don't allow any types of that kind of "_________ Pride" thing on here, especially with it getting to be election season and all here.Plus, you've already been banned once anyway for being out of control, so you're already on thin ice as it is. I'd suggest you change your avatar and that little biblical phrase about your people allegedly being the best people. Thanks." Now one cant say "basque pride".. come up with a better excuse u lame bastard

This shady son of a bitch will ban me but he needed to be exposed...

You will burn in hell cedarphin u disgustin and jealous piece of ****.

Go Dolphins