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i think its laughable that you think the thunder should just "overcome" the terrible officiating...like they should be above the officials or something...that's laughable...ha ha...just overcome your best player having to sit for long periods of time in the nba finals due to garbage calls...just overcome lebon james every time anyone touches him gets called for ticky tack calls that put james at the line for 2 shots over and over just overcome missed foul calls on your superstar in final one possession games that could have tied the game...just overcome

please...and those stats you pump out like hot cakes mean squat if you look at things in a game by game and possession by possession basis...it's just ignorant
blaming the officials is standard operating procedure for sore losers. I mean, what else are you going to do? surely you are not going to admit that miami is just the better team with the better talent. Ofcourse not. You sound like you are just a bit too dissappointed that your thunder are letting you down, face it, there good but not "that" good yet. They have issues that needs fixing on that team and outside of ibaka there defense stinks. Officials dont determine nba finals outcome, the players performances do, period. If the officials are favoring miami so much like u say miami would have beaten the mavs last year in the finals. Mavs beat the heat with these so called officials that favor the heat like u say, the better team will always prevail, just not your thunder though, they are "special" , just stop dude.