Every year the city of Miami sends its residents information about what is in Miami Dade tap water. Over 40 known containment's were found. While the levels were within in federal limits it is disturbing any amount of these chemicals are allowed in drinking water. You know like a little arsenic wont hurt ya. Lots of pesticides fertilizers and industrial chemicals. I found a water filtration system that works really well in removing these pollutants. The filters are larger than most other filters, the outer shell is made of coconut while the inner shell is compacted high grade carbon. You get about a year of filtration out of these filters. Consumer reports gave excellent ratings for filtration. A few different models to choose from. You can get the biggest discount at this website as they are offering the biggest discount with these code here http://miami-water.com

Between radiated water from Fukashima and the trash patches forming in the ocean more and more water is becoming polluted.