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He never gave a specific number. He just said the most TDs in a single season for the team. Still, 32 total tds isn't something I would be crowing about. Kordell Stewart had the same total 1 season, and Scott Mitchell had more.
I looked up the 26 TDs from last year but didn't take into account the 6 rushing ones. Yes, 32 total TDs seems low for an all-time record.

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he had 11 rush TDs.

32 is a low # but Marino only had as many as 32 two times in his career. in no way am I comparing him to Dan who is a top 5 all time QB but it is interesting to realize he only had 2 seasons w/ 32 or more total TDs
You would think Marino would've had more total TDs in a season than just the two over 32. It would've been nice if he had more of a running game to help but that's clearly all in the past.