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Thread: ESPN James Walker: Fins have 3rd best defense........in the AFC East

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    On paper we are. The Bills have improved themselves in theory. They have to prove it on the field. Hate to admit it but the Green Filth does have the best D in the division. We are good, not elite. We need more pass rush than just Cam and our Corner back play needs to improve, although they have both showed signs of being what we want them to be. Until proven otherwise the Pats D is garbage. They invested a lot this past draft. But,,, its all potential so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The New Guy View Post
    Not necessarily. I would rather be the better team. I would rather be 2011 GB and Pitt than I would 2010 Sea or 2011 Den, becasue moving forward those teams will have more success. Just becasue a team advances further in the playoffs doesn't necessarily make them the better team. Not everyone gets to play the same opponents. The Jets Advanced further in 09 because of who they played in the first round. NE got Bal, and the Jets got Cincy. If it was the other way around, NE would have advanced further and the Jets would have been 1 and done.

    The Jets played a good game against NE in 2010, but that is 1 game. It doesn't make them the better team. Yes, they had a better overall season since they advanced further in the playoffs, but Den also had a better overall season than Pitt and GB. That doesn't make Den better than those teams.

    If you want to claim that the Jets had the better overall seasons in 09 and 10, that is fine. But if you want to look at it over a 3 year period (Jets missing the playoffs while NE makes the SB), you have to say NE has been better. 1 Super Bowl app in 3 years is better than 2 AFCCG in 3 years.
    2010 Sea and 2011 Den were fluky games, one time things w/ those teams how they were constructed, the Jets were not a fluke in 2010. Under rex through '09 & '10 the jets were 3-2 against NE inclduing winning that playoff game, there wasn't anything fluky about beating them. NE was rightfully favored based on the game in dec and being at home but there wasn't anything fluky about the win.

    1 SB app against an easier road and then they lost to a 9-7 team. The jets had less luck in not getting to face a .500 team int he div rd, host Joe Flacco then face a 9-7 team for the title.
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Message: Here ya go.Cam Wake 91Tannehill 17
    Quote Originally Posted by Nublar7 View Post
    Walker just posted his offensive rankings. No surprise he has them as 4th in the division.
    Whatever would we do in life if he hadn't put this rankings up!?
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