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I really like Bjoern a lot too. He has Jared Allens motor, and that natural, brute, german kickboxing-heavywight fighter strength. I think he could be a really good player, but I dont know if he'd warrant a top 10 selection. I think I'd take Barkevious Mingo and Sam Montgomery(who would have been a top 20 pick had he come out in 2012) over him, especially since I think these two will be future Pro Bowlers whether thats as a 4-3 DE or OLB in a 3-4.

Marquess Wilson....listen. I think this guy does has "it". But it's something about receivers that big, drafted this early that fringes me between him being the next Larry Fitzgerald, or Mike Williams...Could be a boom or bust type player but I do believe he is a player.

I'll check out Shamarko, because of that. I really was focused on Reid ever since that Alabama game last year. I just watched him, and zeroed every other safety out. I was literally like, "this guy is special". And I like Gholston too. i think he and Devin Taylor are gonna be the Carlos Dunlap's of the draft. Long, athletic linemen, with an array of swim moves, that will ultimately become mid-round picks but starters within their first 2 seasons in the league. Also, Swope looks to be a slight smaller, slower, Jordan Shipley. However, he is reliable, but I'm concerned we may have already got that type of player in Bess. But we'll see what kinda of numbers Swope puts up this eyar and at the combine. Everyone knows he can catch, and isn't afraid to cross the middle. The key is having a solid senior season, and posting no slower than a 4.5 at the combine that will determine where he falls imo.

Also, Im gonna check out James Gayle and Knott. Who else are you looking at in the mid rounds...namely rounds 3-5
1. I think when all is said and done Bjoern Werner will be worth a top 10 pick. He's got a little bit of J.J. Watt in him, a little bit of Kyle Vanden Bosch. He's a terrific player and more well rounded than Barkevious Mingo who will probably have to play OLB at the next level. Sam Montgomery is nothing special at all, really.

2. Marquess Wilson isn't really a "big" player at 6'2" and 190 lbs. He's just a really talented receiver and now in Mike Leach's offense he's going to blow up even more. Dennis Erickson coaching Arizona State referred to Wilson as the best wide receiver in all college football a year ago.

3. Personally not a huge fan of Devin Taylor. But when all is said and done, William Gholston is such a physical specimen with such a nasty playing demeanor I do expect him to end up 1st round.

4. I think Swope might be a little more well rounded than Shipley and I don't see him as slower, but I also don't see him as a 1st or 2nd rounder.

5. One tailback that you'll really want to keep an eye on in the mid to late rounds is Arkansas RB Dennis Johnson who is absolutely terrific talent-wise but not a very mature or durable player. He could be perfect as a change of pace back and even though he's built a lot more heavy and stout he always reminds me with his quickness and short stride of Darren Sproles. He can be that dynamic on the field. For that matter if you're looking for a guy like that, can't go wrong with Onterio McCalebb either.

6. I mentioned Denard Robinson as a receiver prospect you're going to want to look at as early as the 3rd round. I think he could be special.

7. With the move the Dolphins are making to this style of defense, Kenny Tate is worth taking a look at as a Will backer. Lengthy, explosive, good in space, a former safety that moved down because he's physical enough for the position, and I think he's got upside as a blitzer.

8. There are rumors at the moment that Vaughn Telemaque might be demoted but I tend to doubt it. He's very solid at safety, built strong and big, can make big hits, and for years he's always just looked very solid mentally and usually in the right position. He's one of the safeties on my list for mid to late rounds.