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Thread: Does anyone have Cameron Wake's Pro Football Focus numbers?

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    Does anyone have Cameron Wake's Pro Football Focus numbers?

    Does anyone have the PFF numbers for Cameron Wake from the 2011 season and where it ranks among other pass rushers? I claimed that Wake was one of the best pass rushers in the NFL, if not the best pass rusher, and my brother disagreed. However, I don't have access to the PFF numbers so if anyone could help out that'd be great!
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    When you start to break down the performance of Camerwon Wake, you understand
    his need for a new contract. One of the top pass rushers in the league, Wake
    finished 2011 our highest-ranked 3-4 outside linebacker with the best grade of
    all his peers as a pass rusher. He proved that you really need to look beyond
    sack numbers when judging the impact a pass rusher has. As good as Wake is in
    the passing game, it’s overlooked that he is able to get off blocks and make
    plays in the run game–his run defense was initially a concern when he
    transitioned to an every-down role. Keeps getting better.

    Best Performance: Week 15 at Buffalo (+5.7)

    Key Stat: His 81 combined sacks, hits, and hurries was the
    second-highest total of all defensive players.
    I don't have all the stats but did find this. He also was held 13 times last year, the most in the NFL. The 2nd most was Brian Orapko with 7 I believe.
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