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Thread: Max Payne 3

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    So, if you haven't played this game, there is a mode where you have to play through the entire game without dying. Oh, and you start with one minute. You get additional time by killing enemies, but you're perpetually being rushed because if you take too long, you get a game over. And there are several parts where its do-or-die, or where you're with someone and if they die then it's a game over. I seriously haven't had this much trouble with a game since I played Battletoads back on NES. I keep getting farther and farther, but you feel like punching a zygote sometimes when you get a game over due to something stupid. Like, say, you take too long to switch weapons to a grenade launcher and Passos gets shot in the face. Stupid Passos...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gonzo View Post
    Just bought Skyrim, thanks to summer getting here. So, other games will be taking a back seat.
    I enjoyed Skyrim the first few months after I got it, but then a bug in the game prevented me from advancing further into the game so I stopped for a year. I was bored a few days ago, and decided to make a new character on it. Not sure why, but I got bored after the first 10 min and I can't even play the game anymore it's so damn boring for me now lol.
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