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Thread: Six-year-old mails Brandon Jacobs money

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    Humor Six-year-old mails Brandon Jacobs money

    A refreshing, cool story in the crazy world of the NFL....


    When running back Brandon Jacobs left the Giants for the 49ers on a one-year deal this offseason, he didn't bolt New York because the G-Men couldn't afford him. But if I had a kid who was a fan of Jacobs as a player, that's what I would probably tell him or her.

    And that's what one lady told her 6-year-old son Joseph. So Joseph, naturally, pooled all $3.36 of his life savings, put it in a plastic bag and mailed it to Jacobs with a letter hoping it would mean Jacobs could stay with the Giants.
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    saw this on twitter. Nice story, something i wish we saw more of around the league.
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