Blog author Jmaes Walker said today- "Morning take: Miami overvalued its receivers this offseason and now are trying to make up for it by signing Ochocinco. The Dolphins traded Brandon Marshall and didn't take a receiver high in the draft. The group that's left hasn't looked good in practice, but what did they expect?

I don't know who this guy is but his Patriot colors shine bright. What's with all these reporters saying we're screwed at WR? We havent even started training camp yet. These are the mini camps and OTA's that help the coaching staff see where we need to go. It's crazy for reporters to stamp us as finished because we didn't draft a high receiver. Does he mean like Blackmon? A dui vetern?
JI dratfed for team value and I think most of us think he did pretty well. We got our QB, Martin, Olivier, Lamar. If we did trade up for a special WR after QB, then reporters would say we neglected to fill other need positions. Sheesh!

I'm not worried about our receivers. I'm positive we will end up with a Green Bay type receiver corp. and I'm happy with that. Drops will get fixed. There's no better motivation for receivers than to have a guy right behind you wanting the chance to out catch you and take your starting job.

Ocho will intensify the heat on the young receivers to make them perform better. It's a smart move by Philbin to bring him in and scare the WR group into getting better.