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Thread: Scientists claim there was another universe before ours

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob19 View Post
    So to speak, yes. You could look at it that way.
    Yea, it wouldnt be literal time travel but for the people involved, it would be for all intents and purposes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tylerdolphin View Post
    If Im understanding this correctly, it would be more akin to forward time travel than actually living insanely long.
    Yes this is correct, you wouldn't live any longer or shorter while traveling at (or near) the speed of light, everything traveling with you would die at the same rate. Those back on earth would die faster hence the "time travel" aspect. It really isn't time travel in the Back to the Future concept it is time travel based on your perspective relative to time.

    Quote Originally Posted by LANGER72 View Post
    Could black holes be the entrance and quasars be the exit?
    Basically, a black hole is a galaxy sized garbage disposal for unlucky matter. You can put a carrot in, and carrot juice comes out the other side.(sarc)
    I was watching a show that was explaining black holes and supposedly at the event horizon, matter would be stretched into ever thinning spaghetti.The colors would probably be kind of groovy for a nano second. Imagine going through a tea strainer. The only way to travel through a black hole would be to be in some kind of space ship, with some type of anti-gravity(anti-matter)shielding to neutralize the gravity...and hope there is another galaxy, dimension, or universe on the other side. The power needed would be enormous to offset the tremendous grip of the black hole. Just silly ramblings..

    Yes this could be the potential that humans would need to explore the boundaries of the universe. Even traveling at the speed of light it would take tremendous amounts of time to go anywhere other than our solar system given the nearest Solar system is still 10.5 light years away.

    But gravity drives would offer a new kind of speed, maybe one that isn't bounded by speed but actually bends space so that point A and B become much closer. Whatever it is it is still far beyond the human understanding of physics considering physicists are still trying to figure out what actually gives us mass, hence the search for the god particle.
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    If you are interested in time dilation, a good sci-fi book to check out is the Forever War by Joe Haldeman.
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