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I've found good success with the "trifecta" approach. I draft a top notch RB, then a top tier WR, then a top tier QB, then I move on to my #2 players (i.e. 2nd RB, 2nd WR, etc). It's worked pretty well for me. I stay flexible during the draft, so if I'm drafting in the top 3 (like last season) I'm taking a top tier RB first (like Foster last year) then either a WR or a QB, depending on who is there. This past season there weren't any top tier QBs left at the bottom of the 2nd round so I went with a top tier WR. I decided to wait on a QB because there were better players and ended up with Eli Manning. I wish I could have done better, but that's just how the draft shook out. I ALWAYS make kicker my very last pick. I do pick defense higher as long as it is one of the elite defenses, but even then I wait until somewhere in the bottom 3rd of the draft.

Oh and I usually try an match up my QB with one of his WRs (and sometimes TE) from his NFL team. I like getting the double points when they hook up on passes. I aim to match up a QB with his #1 WR, but sometimes I have to settle for the QB's #2 WR or TE.
This has been my strategy for years and i got a couple titles out of it, great minds think alike i see!