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well the flood story isnt' exclusive to the bible. in fact a lot of the old testment can be found in other culture's beliefs/history. Just as christmas was started to lessen the druid hold, so to has some of the history of other cultures been taken in.

I don't think there are questions that are unanswerable. I do think we don't know how to ask them.
Well, then it's a good thing we're living on the computer that will generate the question of the meaning of life of which 42 is the answer.

But perhaps, just to humor me, you could try expounding on your point.

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Calm down rob. Its not like hes gonna watch your videos. He might learn something and he had already stated he wants nothing to do with that.
Amazing, isn't it, how people who claim so fervently to know often disdain learning, as if the two were somehow unrelated?