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Thread: Why do non-believers rule the "RELIGION" forum here?...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eli_Manning View Post
    Atheism is the biggest JOKE ever played on mankind. A building requires a builder. A painting requires a painter. The universe requires a creator. Every single one of you atheists believe in God but deny him so you can continue living in sin such as smoking marijuana and enganging in pre-marital fornication.
    Why can't someone just believe in a higher power (spiritual) and not be confined to an organized religion? I will continue to smoke cannabis though, which a higher power (God as you say) obviously put here for a reason. Who else could of, right?

    How do you feel about people who are apart of a relgion but it doesn't worship God? Are they right? Are they wrong? How sure can you be? Well, you can't.

    To sit there and say everyone else is wrong is in their beliefs (because there is only God, correct?) is pretty obnoxious. Just because people don't "believe" or in my case "not yet convinced and waiting for something" doesn't somehow make them all pot smoking, horny idiots. Just like I'm sure all Christians aren't happy go lucky believers and do all the right things. Ever seen that family that consistently protests "God hates fags" and "God hates Marines", etc and so on? I know all Christians aren't like that, but a lot of them are also really ****ed up and when they do something wrong they turn to a book to somehow justify it, of course they manipulate the living **** out of what it says.

    I hope you were joking otherwise you need a reality check, and not what some book told you that was re-written 1500 times.

    ps - Who created God? Photoshop?
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