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My biggest thing with all this is the idea of faith. All these issues that atheists push forth are tests of faith. Even the little thing posted about miracles. Earth and our mortal life is a test. Some have it nice some don't. The answer (my answer anyway) to why it is this way is very interesting. We live on this planet for what seems a long time. But in comparison to the eternity we gain once we reach the afterlife is a mere spec. Our faith is tested in this short journey and it is very easy to be "fooled" by what science and other things are saying. I do believe that the universe has been around for billions and billions of years. I believe in evolution (just not as much when it comes to the human race) It is easy to take all these issues and come to the conclusion that God does not exist. It is a lot harder to believe. I have always wondered about the little kid dying of starvation in some land where the word have God is not preached. My dad once told me this, and that does not mean that it is right but I like it. That our soul has a journey and on that journey we are all given some chance to meet God and make a decision. I don't have anything against those who don't believe and do not believe that they are all destined to have no chance at heaven. WE are all on a journey and that journey has so many variables that cannot be answered simply. Those who do not believe test me and I think they will get a shot in some way or form to meet God even if it does not happen here. I do not know why I believe really it just seems to be in me, maybe the fact that I look at all this wonder and truly can't fathon that this is all just a random occurance.
I think it's the opposite. It would be much easier to believe in a god and think that there is something better in the afterlife. However, based on the scientific evidence so far that seems to be not the case. The fact that you believe in evolution but not for humans makes no sense to me except for thinking we are somehow special compared to other animals. We are not, we just have more intellectual abilities compared to other animals which places us as the dominant species on this planet.