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Thread: Percy Harvin wants trade from Vikes

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcdrover View Post
    I would not sign him because of the migraine issue.

    What was the incident with him & Farve?

    I don't remember right now. Didn't he somehow throw Brett under the bus when they were both there?
    If so, Favre probably deserved it. He's thrown enough guys under the bus in his career.
    "Ryan Tannehill out-Brady'ed Brady"- DanPatrick
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    No thanks. Last thing we need on this team is another over-hyped first round mediocre Gator.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ckparrothead View Post
    Percy Harvin was a major 'whisper campaign' guy coming out of college. Everyone knew a guy who knew a guy who had some major dirt on Percy Harvin. It was similar to Ryan Mallett although I think there was more confirmable evidence. The big difference was that where Mallett's coaches and people surrounding Arkansas went to bat HARD for him both publicly and privately...I remember the Florida coaches and people around that program refusing to even go to bat for Percy publicly, let alone privately. I remember public statements about Percy Harvin living in Percy Harvin-land, having major problems, etc. No coincidence that fast forward a few years, he's had major character issues in Minnesota, including a concerted effort to try and get his Head Coach fired, including assault with a deadly weapon (throwing a weight slab at a guy's head qualifies), and his time there seems to be ending with a surprise trade request. No coincidence at all. Essentially everything that was whispered about Percy Harvin coming out of college has been realized in the pros in full. He's easily the headache that people feared coming out of college.

    And people want to trade for this guy? No way. N-O. No.

    Trading for Harvin would be a de facto admission that trading Brandon Marshall away for two 3rd round picks was an IDIOTIC MOVE. Harvin is a BIGGER headache than Marshall, figuratively and literally, and not nearly as talented.
    At another board I post at, there was a thread where people posted things they personally knew about athletes that were not common knowledge. Some of the Percy Harvin stories were just ridiculous. I recall one in particular where Percy was at a party and a gun was drawn and pointed at him and Percy basically told the guy he didnt have the balls to pull the trigger. Obviously its the internet and anyone can post anything, but there were enough Percy stories in that thread to let me know that he is a ticking time bomb.

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