I have no idea what the Rockets have offered. The rumors during draft time centered around their picks, and their efforts to obtain two top picks to entice the Magic. Obviously they didn't manage to do that but they do have a bunch of young talent.

To me the players the Nets are offering are nothing but useless baggage, with the possible exception of Brooks. What's the point in being a good lottery team centered around the vast mediocrity that is Lopez? I'd prefer to follow the path of Cleveland or Toronto, hold onto Howard and offer him up in a sign and trade for a couple first rounders next offseason. In the NBA if you're going to lose its better to really stink up the joint and go for one of those top picks, not struggle to eek out 40 wins and hope you land the 1% of those late first rounders that make it big.

Either get a potential franchise player like Bynum, go the Denver route and get some young talent, or just trash the whole thing and try for a guy like Noel next year. Everyone had given up on the Cavs and Raptors as lost causes two years ago....look where they are now. Irving is a star in the making surrounded by 4 other guys in their early 20s. The team may suck but its exciting for the fans to watch the players grow and they have something to look forward to. If Toronto can get a couple years out of Nash like what we saw last season they'll be one of the most entertaining teams in basketball. To me its much better to go this route than try to be the Bucks or Sixers or Hawks or Pacers trying to build some middling starless team that will never contend for a title.