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I don't know why you think they won't have the money. As long as the owner is willing to pay the team can spend. The new CBA has put a few more limitations in place but everyone still has a mid-level exception of one sort or another to use and like the Heat they can just keep adding a piece every year.

I would think the Magic could get a better deal as well. I dunno how much better.....find it hard to believe the Lakers are giving up Bynum if Howard won't agree to a multi-year deal. The Rockets should be desperate enough to take a shot without any guarantees. Then again this a league where Pau Gasol was traded for a lot less, and Chris Paul was about to be traded for a couple of journeymen.
They could add a small piece every year, but that team is nowhere near as enticing as the Heat, which is why they're able to entice players like Ray Allen. To start off, the Nets would have 4 players on the roster worth a damn. 4. Then Teletovic who may or may not be any good, most likely a Ryan Anderson clone which would be a good fit. Everyone else league minimum scrubs. They won't have competent role players for a good while, like the Heat already do in Miller, Chalmers, Haslem, Battier, even Joel who's a very underrated defender. And again, that's IF they even get good role players at all, which is certainly not a given. Not to mention Wade, LeBron, and Bosh are better than Deron, Dwight, and Joe by a rather wide margin. That's just not a championship team unless they plan on waiting a few years to maybe get good role players with the mini MLE.

And I think Dwight would resign with the Lakers, especially now with Nash and with them possibly getting Iguodala, who Howard put on his list of players he'd like to play with, for Pau Gasol. I see Howard going to the Lakers when it's all said and done with myself.