Now that some of the smoke has cleared, what's everyone's thoughts on the offseason? Who would you like to see join the Heat next year? I'm sure they'll be able to convince a veteran like Steve Nash or Ray Allen to come for less money.

Players will have to decide if the possibility of a championship is more important to them than a bigger contract. IMO our biggest needs are more size and a sharpshooter from beyond the arc. I think Miller retires.

I won't pretend to know a thing about the college prospects, so I gladly defer to the experts. I don't watch college basketball, but I keep hearing about Fab Melo. He seems to be the type of player Riley would love to draft and develop (7'0", 255). A young center to develop would be great for them, especially years down the road whe Lebron enters his thirties.

These are VERY exciting times for Heat fans!

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