Top priorities are getting someone that can rebound and someone you can run the offense through. Miller and Haslem were supposed to help in these areas but injuries and Haslem's disappearing jumper put a huge amount on the shoulders of the big three. The hope is Haslem can find his shot again and be a big part of the post rotation. Miller will have to decide if hes going to retire or not.....if he thinks he can play I'm sure they'll welcome him back. Its not just the threes that he brings to the table. Last year in the playoffs he rebounded like a PF.

Nash and Camby is the dream scenario. I'd love to see a real PG in Miami....take the ball out of Wade and Lebron's hands. Lebron in the post may be the most effective offense even with a point like Nash but you don't want to ask the guy to go in the post every play. Having a guy like Camby would take a lot of pressure off James and Wade.....not having to dominate their matchup on the boards every game. To me the goal of the offseason is to get some depth so the big three don't have to do everything for all 82 games. No matter who they get I think the most effective lineup is probably going to be the same one we saw in the finals, with Lebron playing with his back to the basket surrounded by Wade and a bunch of shooters.

I get the feeling Camby will get some money from Houston. Nash is a real possibility.....Toronto may throw some cash his way and I'm not sure title chasing is something hes all that interested in, but as he said before, if James and Wade came a callin' he'd have a tough time turning them down.

Humphries, Kaman, Kenyon Martin, Dalembert.....probably all going to get far more than the Heat can offer. The Heat will probably be looking at guys like Mahinmi, Maxiell, and yes, even Kwame Brown. I think there's a good chance the Heat will draft a big if one falls to them in the draft, even though bigs tend to rise rather than fall in the NBA draft. Pittman and Curry will probably stick around as well and fight it out with whoever is brought in for a couple roster spots.

At point guard there are a bunch of options, with HOF guys like Kidd, Miller and Billups out there. As much as I love Miller I don't think he really fits. Kidd and Billups are interesting options, even if they can't defend anymore.

My best guess would be that the draft doesn't bring the big man everyone is looking for and the Heat enter next season not much better off at the 5 spot.....hoping Pittman starts to figure out how to defend or Curry undergoes another epiphany. Nash joins the Heat along with a couple ring chasers (maybe Jamison). Miller and Howard retire, and some vet big man is brought in to fight for a spot along with Pittman, Curry, and Turiaf.