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This is true but since we're specifically talking about the Dolphins, the fact that they lost to Cleveland by 1, Denver by 3, the Giants by 3, Dallas by 1, and NE by 3 (all but Den was on the road) shows that while they weren't a good team, they're really not as far down the ladder as you claim.

I've said it before....the defense blew each of those games. McCoy threw a late TD for the win, Tebow scored 50 TDs in the 4th qtr, Manning hit Cruz for a late GW-TD, Romo drove down the field for the GW field goal with no time on the clock, and Brady and Co. came back from an early deficit. If the defense had any balls last year the Dolphins finishing 8-8 or better isn't that far-fetched.

Since they failed in all of those games I agree that they weren't a good team.

The Dolphins only had 2 close wins last year (30-23 at Buffalo, 19-17 vs. Jets). The Jets on the other hand lost by 10, 17, 9, 21, 4, 26, 15, and 2. They also had wins of 3, 6, and 4. All this means is that it could have gone either way for both teams.
Bad teams lose close games, good teams win them.

The jets had chances to win every game in the 4th qtr w/ the exception of the Baltimore and Philly games.

Cle lost 6 games by a TD or less
Indy 5
Minny 9
SL 5

You get the idea. Most games are close, the good ones find ways to win and the bad ones find ways to lose.