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Thread: who are your least favorite players or coaches in the league?

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    who are your least favorite players or coaches in the league?

    1.right now for me it has to be drew brees. he is seems to be very selfish in the way he turns down being the highest paid player in league history, and is a brown noser for the players association. i use to respect the guy untill he started opening his mouth on a regular basis. seems like a me first type guy.

    2. of course the rest of the east, esp the jets.

    3. the jets again. and john elway. i know he inst a player or coach but i still cant stand him.

    i know that im forgetting others but brees the east and elway are the guys i just cannot stand.
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    lol i have no problem the elway or brees in the slightest bit.

    starts and ends with Bill Belichick. no one even comes close. not even Rex
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    I don't have a problem with Billichik, he is a good coach. Rex is a cartoon character almost. He's funny, in a kind of goofy, destined to failure way. He's one of the guys.

    I can't stand captain comeback's little brother though. I can see why he would beat on him when they were kids. I NEVER could stand that guy. He is the one coach that I really don't like.

    I'm not a fan of Brees either. I remember when he was a free agent. Everyone thinks we didn't sign him because of the team doctor's evaluation, but we did offer him contracts he just wanted more money than Saban & company were willing to risk giving him.
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