Heading to NYC Oct. 27-29 for the game at MetLife with a group of 4 Dolphins fans. Been to numerous games in Buffalo, however, never been to MetLife (Giants Stadium). A few questions for the guys that have been there.

1) Seats - Expensive, I know. What's the best value here? I don't mind spending $200 on StubHub for lower bowl near our bench. Is the UpperDeck a lot more rowdy/abusive? Is it worth the extra $50-$100 to sit lower bowl behind our bench? Looks like StubHub can fetch 20 yard line on visitors side fro approx. $175-$250.

2) Where to Stay? - Never been to NYC at all so I want to stay downtown. Is there a preferable area to stay in that's close to the touristy crap but also relatively easy access to MetLife in NJ?

3) Intensity - The intensity/jawing/abuse has dwindled in the past few years in Buffalo. Not sure if it's because we're more experienced at attending road games, or if it's because both teams have been relatively crappy. How intense is it at a Jets game in a Dolphins jersey?

4) Tailgate - Any best practices for getting there? I'd hate to not have a car to park and tailgate at; but I'd hate to have one of us lay off the beers. Would we be crazy to get a limo to park, chill for the game, and drive our asses back to the hotel after the game?

Thanks in advance. I appreciate it.