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Dear Sports Betting Wizards Member,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the "Sports Betting Wizards " renowned Betting Systems. As you can see our Systems (Shot Gun, Shot Clock, Heisman, Home Run, Ice Box, Tournament and WNBA systems) are absolutely distinctive, accurate, and genuine. Nevertheless, to make our systems work, you need to bet our selections and only our selections. We use a sequence of perfected and complicated algorithms to estimate which games will qualify for our selections.

Please do not try and bet on your own. YOU WILL LOSE! Before we go any further you need to understand that these are the betting system that we use. Our Systems are based on selection wins and losses, NOT individual game wins and losses. (Except For Our Wise Guys Executive Selections) If you follow our System exactly, and play every selection we give you, you will make money, lots of money. So hold on for the ride of your life. Now we are only going to ask you one favor and one favor only. For all the members' sake, please do not share our selections with anyone. Our systems took years of hard work to augment and refine. The algorithms we use to make our selections are protected like Presidents.

This will probably and most likely be one of the best investments you will ever make, and quite possibly, the best investment of your life. So let's all work together and protect what we have, the "SPORTS BETTING WIZARDS SYSTEMS".

Also remember, everyone's hard earned money is at stake here. And if this information gets in the wrong hands and too many people start betting the same game, the line will start to move against us and magically the calls start to go against us as well. So once again please be a team player and keep it to yourself.

Here is word of caution: If we find out a member is giving out our games to non members, or posting our games on blogs or forums we will immediately terminate their Membership. PERIOD!

It would be a good Idea to save this page for later reference.

The purpose of this page is:

1. To help you get signed up and get your account funded with a reputable sports book, where you can safely deposit your money and when it's time to get paid, get paid fast and on time!

2. To explain how to make bets on our 'Wise Guys Executive' Selections.

3. To explain exactly how our betting system works.

4. To answer some FAQ's and cut down the workload to our customer service department.

5. To give our 'Golden Rule'.


The next step is to set up your sports book account and get it funded! Without a sports book account you can't bet and if you can't bet you can't make money. So the sooner you get your account open and funded, the sooner you can start betting our selections and the sooner you can make money with our system.

If you are already have a sports book account then great. If not you will need to get your account set up and funded ASAP. When you are finished reading this email, click on the link below and you will be taken to our websites recommended sports book page where you can instantly click on the banners and choose your favorite sports book and fund your account. (It's a good idea to eventually have a couple sports book so your bets can be diversified). I recommend that if you are going to be all sports to fund multiple accounts. Think of it this way. diversifying your portfolio. For example I use 5dimes for my Wise Guys Selections. I use Bookmaker for my MLB selections, And I use the Greek for my Wnba system and so forth. So, for every sport you plan on wagering on, open a sports book for just that specific sport. By following that method, no matter what you are guaranteed to make money..

Recommended Sportsbook.

The owners and the entire team here at the "SPORTS BETTING WIZARDS personally have our accounts with 5DIMES, BookMaker, Diamond and the Greek, we do this for two main reasons.

First they all have excellent ratings from (the leader and watchdog of every major sportsbook worldwide). And secondly and most important, your money is safe with them. They have been around forever and most importantly, they PAY ON TIME, EVERY TIME!

Important Note: While you are not required to use any of our recommended sports book, we do strongly recommend using them for the reasons mentioned above. If you do decide to use a different sports book or other betting establishment at least check them out thoroughly.

Betting on the 'Wise Guys Executive Selections Work'

Our 'Wise Guy Executive' Selections, as you might already know, is a single game selection for all sports. We ask that you assign yourself a Unit value and place bets according to the amount of Units we recommend for that particular game. What we need to do now is figure out what your Unit value should be. Once we have calculated your Unit value, you can then determine how much you should bet to win on each game. Using a $3000 balance as an example, your Unit value should be $30 - $35, basically (1% to 1.5% of the balance at the most). Now that we have established you Unit value, we'll use $30 from this point on, we'll know exactly how much to bet on each game. Depending on how strong we feel the play is, we assign Units next to the game, ranging from 1 - 10. For example: Selection#1 - [902] Cincinnati Reds -125 ML @ 7:10 PM est - 5 Units In the case of the above example which we assigned 5 Units to the Cincinnati Reds pick, you would then multiply your Unit value, $30, by the amount of Units we assigned to the game; so for this example you will bet to win $150 on Cincinnati. Important Note: Bet TO WIN all games for the 'Wise Guys Executive Selections' and once you calculate your Unit value; do not change it for the remainder of the betting season...

How our Shot Gun, Shot Clock, Heisman, Home Run, Ice Box, Tournament and WNBA System works

Our betting systems are very simple to use. We use a 4 game progression to achieve our extremely accurate results. Here's how it works. Each sport will have selection # and a game #. The selection # is simply the series of 4 games we will be betting. The game # is the game we are currently betting within the selection or series. This next example applies to every sport. When a series begins, our algorithms pick teams which have a 97% probability of winning within the next 4 games.

Important Note: Members of our Systems Selections (Shot Gun, Shot Clock, Heisman, Home Run, Ice Box, Tournament and WNBA systems) and the Wise Guys Executive Selections are NOT designed to be used with each other. If you want to bet both, open a separate sports book or at the very least, partition your bankroll...

The first thing you have to determine is what your bankroll size is. This is the amount of money you are willing to risk. For our example, let's say you have a total bankroll of $2400. Now that we have established our bankroll size we can figure out our bet size and which sports we would like to bet on. For our example we will assume we are betting every sport all year long. This is very important because the more sports you are betting on the smaller you're individual bets need to be to make sure you have enough in your bankroll to cover you.

It is recommended that you bet 1% - 2% percent of the bankroll for our 4 progression system. Using a maximum of 3% will cover you in case you lose.

Important Note: Because of how they're designed, we recommend that you bet 1% for our Systems Selections and 1% to 1.5 % for our Executive Wise Guys Selections......

Now that we have established our profit target, we can move on to how exactly the betting works. The following example is based on 110/100 odds. The Odds can very per session we do our best to limit the odds at -150 on average. If we see Vegas have no value in the game spreads we may decide to take the ML.

In a 4 game progression using 1%, we would start with our $30 (to win $33.30) bet for the first game in the selection or series. If we win on the first game the series is over and we have made our profit. The series would start all over again as soon as we have a new session which qualifies.

If we lose the first game, we would now need to double our bet (and we need to take into account the 10% juice the sports book charge when doing this). So we would have lost $33.30 on our first bet including the juice. Our second bet on game #2 would be the $33.30 we lost plus the $30.00 we want to make as our profit for each selection. So our next bet on game #2 would bet $69.63 to win $63.30 If we win this bet the series is over and we have made our profit. If we lose this bet we do the exact same thing for game #3. We need to make up for our losses on game #1 and game #2 and still make our $30 profit on game #3. So our bet on game #3 would now be the $33.30 we lost on the first game and the $63.30 we lost on the second game plus our $30.00 profit we want to make on each selection. So our bet on game #3 would be $146.22 (to win $132.93). At this point if we win game #3 the series ends and make our profit of $30.00 for the selection. If the 3rd game loses, we need to make up for our losses on game #1, game #2, game #3 and still make our $30. So game #4 would be to win $279.15.

If we win, the series wins. On average if we lose a game series, we will lose about 12 to 18.44 units. This is okay because we want to make a profit of 35 to 40 units per sport as our goal. So at the end of the season, we will have losses, but our gains will be much more and make us a very nice profit.

The most important thing is to follow the system exactly how it's designed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if the line moves after I receive your selection email
A: Our selections records are based on the line which is posted in the mail, you should try to buy points to get you as close as possible to our posted line.

Q: Do we ever to buy points

A: Yes and some instances buying points is a necessity in our business. We try to limit buying points as much as possible. But because of how sharp the line are with the major sports we have to make sure we hedge our bets on occasion.

Q: Sports book questions.
A: Any and all questions regarding how to use the sports book accounts should be directed the sports book you open your account with. They are all very helpful and know how their websites work best.

Q: Missing Emails.
A: If you have not received your selection email by 6:00 PM (EST) then contact customer service. We use a service that sent out the picks and at times it there could be a delay, if that the case please let us know.

Q: General System Questions.
A: Please read over all the materials thoroughly before contacting customer service. This helps to cut down on our email load and provides better service for everyone.

Our Golden Rule

DON'T GAMBLE!!! If you have taken up sports investing as a hobby or a career, do yourself a big favor and don't gamble. Gamblers take unnecessary risks and eventually will break all of these rules and lose all of their money. We have seen this a million times. Only those of you (which is usually the top 5% will ever be able to follow these rules on a constant basis. The temptation is too great for most, and greed will eventually get the best of you. When we hit the next big winning streak, you are going to feel empowered and many will start to think they can pick games and start betting random gut feelings. This will lead to gambling and eventually to financial destruction.

Even though you can say Sports Betting Wizards Systems are technically gambling, if you follow our rules, have a strong money management plan, and show extreme discipline and patience, you can take the gamble out of the equation and make sports investing a calculated risk.

In Closing
Sports investing can be very rewarding and fun. If you can follow our rules to "Successful Sports Investing", and a solid money management plan with or without us, you will be your way to becoming a successful sports investor. The benefit of having us around is we do all the work picking our games. But if some day you do decide to do these on your own, please at least swing the odds in your favor by following these simple rules.

We are glad to have you aboard! Your journey will be a fun and profitable one if you can follow our program exactly as we have laid it out.

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