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There are 673,000 searches on the term Sports Betting per month on Google with an approximate CPC rate of $3.81 per click.

Just like people search for insurance rates, people search for quality systems and selections. And yes you should always bet you own wagers. But what I offer, very few people can. Systematically for each individual sport, I can make an attempt to gain a net unit and turn a profit at the end of the season. I would venture to say almost 98% of bettors lose. After awhile they get tired of the losing so they search for help and that's where I come in at. While I can't guaranteed past performance will result to future performance, but I've only failed to make a net profit in one sport system (NCAA-F) in the last 4 years. But again, to each it's own bruh!

My site is currently getting renovated and optimize for SEO it will be back up in January. Believe it or not, there's a market for people who seek handicappers.
I just bet your yearly salary of $25,000 on Johnny Manziel winning the Heisman. Let's see if I've picked another winner. I'm always a winner so this should be easy money.