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Let's be honest here, how much of a difference is there between Mark Sanchez and Richard Todd? Not much IMO. Both are/were very mediocre, and Todd too led the Jets to AFC championship games, doesn't mean he was any good.

Your team needs a new quarterback, and it isn't going to be Tebow either. You're going to have to draft one after this year for sure.
Richard Todd was 42-51-1 as Jets starter
Mark Sanchez so far is 28-20

In postseason Todd only helped the Jets reach 2 of them and in 2 seperate games had at least 4 INTs, in 6 games Sanchez has a total of 3. There isn't any comparison btw the 2.

Yesterday Sanchez had time to throw and was excellent, l;ast yera he didn't and he struggled. if the OL holds up Martk will be very good.

This was a nice start for him and the O and can we please not overanalyze preseason anymore? How many times must I tell you guys all that really matters is coming out healthy?