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Thread: Dolphins make sense as a landing spot for WR Josh Gordon

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    Quote Originally Posted by ticophin View Post
    All I really care about, is if he is better than what we have on our roster today....(or can be) Marino "was" a "pothead" @ Pitt, remember?
    No Marino was rumored to be hooked on Cocaine...which is worse, and that was a rumor. He was never busted for drugs and he was never riding in a car with a friend who had drugs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by datruth55 View Post
    CK, are you really comparing a professional football player who already knows his offense and has been through professional workouts and off season training for 5 seasons to a kid that has no knowledge of such things? No knowledge of the offense, no knowledge of what it takes to be a professional, no knowledge of the little nuances of playing the WR position in the NFL...come on...really?
    Didn't stop Randall Cobb from making an impact on the Packers. Didn't stop Denarius Moore making an impact on the Raiders. Didn't stop A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Doug Baldwin, Torrey Smith, Titus Young or Greg Little from impacting their teams. You know what I find interesting? Rookie wide receivers produced 8,176 receiving yards and 49 touchdowns in 2011, despite not having these precious off season workouts. You know what rookie wide receivers averaged over the previous five drafts? They averaged 6,709 yards and 36 touchdowns.

    Listen, you can ignore the point if you want, but it stands. You tried to say missing OTAs would be a big deal for Josh Gordon, and I brought up a video of Aaron Rodgers quite literally making fun of the idea that missing OTAs had any impact on anyone, including rookie receiver Randall Cobb who was sensational right away in that first game of the season. I think I raised a pretty fair counter point to the idea that Josh Gordon's value is limited because he missed OTAs, and I just raised yet another pretty fair counter point talking about how rookie wide receiver production was abnormally high in 2011 even with every one of those rookies missing OTAs.

    I really don't care that supposedly 42% of the population has tried pot at least once...that doesn't make it legal. And I don't care that some people think it's minor or should be legalized cause as of right now it's not. I don't go around breaking laws just because I feel they shouldn't be laws...I suppose I'm in the minority on that.
    Again, I'm not sure how the point you've raised here is germane to whether Josh Gordon will be a valuable NFL asset. I didn't ask whether you philosophically agree with breaking laws with which you don't agree.

    As for Les Brown...he wasn't drafted, no pick was spent on him and he's a complete project. Les Brown should count himself lucky to have been signed and should count himself even luckier if he makes the practice squad.
    I think you misunderstood what I was saying, which is probably my fault for not explaining better. I wasn't chiding the Les Brown signing at all. I was merely pointing out that while you seemed to want to paint Josh Gordon with a broad brush for not having played football since 2010, it needs to be considered that he has been continuously practicing with and being coached by an NCAA FBS football program that entire time. He didn't just spend the entire year out of football. He didn't even spend the entire year injured and forced to do nothing but rehab.
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