I do agree with the sentiment that there are other fish in the sea. I'm not sure I agree with Chad Reuter's suggestion that Gordon is better than any receiver that could go in the 2nd round next year.

I am intrigued with Terrance Williams, and he's always stood out to me when watching Kendall Wright and Robert Griffin, and heck he stood out to me in 2010 when trying to watch Josh Gordon. Williams actually has good size to him as I believe he's 6'1" or so...and man is he fast. You know I didn't particularly like RG3...and part of that was my feeling that between Art Briles' inventive offense with those ridiculously wide CFL type splits/spacing, and the track stars Kendall Wright and Terrance Williams, RG3 was made to look better than he really is.

After Terrance Williams there's Aaron Mellette, whom I also like a great deal. I think he's better than Brian Quick, certainly. Reasonable speed, great size and excellent balance and control, runs after the catch, a perfect Philbin type. I know there are NFL teams with borderline 1st round grades on Mellette.

However, after those two, it's true the seniors do suck. I'm not a big Cobi Hamilton fan. I love watching Tavon Austin but it's a simple fact he's a midget. I'm not sure Ryan Swope is any better than a Jordan Shipley. Denard Robinson is surely a project and it might be tough to convince him he's not a quarterback. There are some decent mid to late round rolls of the dice like Aaron Dobson...but the group after Williams and Mellette interests me very little.

Thankfully that's where you get the juniors to step in. Robert Woods is a valid NFL receiver at the very least. Justin Hunter has great potential, though I think Da'Rick Rogers is better right now. Gotta watch Rogers' attitude/character though as I've heard bad things. Marquess Wilson may be the best of the bunch. Andre Debose is FAST and talented.

Between Williams, Mellette, Woods, Hunter, Rogers, Wilson and Debose...you've got potentially a nice group of 1st through 3rd rounders in 2013. And you never know if there's another Josh Gordon hanging in there that we didn't know as much about but is destined to be considered in that group once the spotlight is shined on him.

Just saying Gordon is a nice talent but we shouldn't get trapped into thinking we've got to have him.