In school me and my buddies would sometimes partake in something we called "beast night". We'd all throw $10 in a pot and whomever got the nastiest chick that night got the pot. Sometimes the abuse you took the next day wasn't nearly worth the 60-80 bucks you won

another one was "rodeo". I'm sure a version of this has been played all across this fine land in some form or another but this was our rendition. You'd pick up some fatty at a house party. One of those chicks who you have to put hardly any effort in nailing. You get her up to the room and tell her that you have to do it from behind. Well as your plowing into her you suddenly yell "yippe yi yay". Now unbeknownst to her, a few of your friends are hiding outside the door, in the closet or wherever they can hear and see what's going on. Upon hearing your battle cry they would all burst in and yell "ride em cowboy". The game was to see how long you could ride her before she bucks you off.