I know it's very early in the process, but as of now the Dolphins look to have a serious need at wide receiver. That could all change if one of the young players such as Roberto Wallace step up in a big way. Bringing in Chad Ochocinco could limit the development of some younger receivers and seems like a bit of a red flag that maybe we just don't have that young talent at the position. Why else would the front office bring in a stopgap when developing players has to be the theme for this year?

When all is said and done, I think Keenan Allen and Justin Hunter could battle it out to be the first wideout taken in the 2013 draft. Here's my brief scouting report on each.

Allen's best trait is his ability to make things happen with the ball in his hands and elude tacklers. He's much like a running back in the open field, has nice hands making several impressive one-handed grabs and good size. I'd say his speed falls in the 4.45 range. He goes up well to get the ball. Overall, he seems to have everything you look for in the position. I think he may end up being closer to 6-2 than 6-3, but I guess we'll see on that.

Hunter's best trait is his ability to win the battle in the air. He goes up for the ball much like Chris Chambers and takes balls away from corners. I've seen him win in double coverage with the ball in the air. Unlike Chambers, Hunter has good hands. I think his speed is similar to Allen's and, while he is more physical than Allen, he is not nearly as elusive.

Personally, I like them both and I guess my question now is which one do you all think would be a better fit for our offense? The bigger question, do you think Jeff Ireland would pull the trigger on a first round receiver?