Every Texas A&M game i've gone back to watch Swope just makes play after play for Tannehill.... vs Arkansas, vs Oklahoma state, vs LSU, vs Northwestern.....

If you go back and just look out for #25 Swope the kid just gets it done. He's listed as a wideout? but he reminds me of a Danny Woodhead type with a little less speed but more toughness.

Who is the WR that wears #7? and the TE that wears #80... these guys make some pretty good catches too.

Fuller for me is love/hate in 4 games i've watched so far. Every other throw is a comeback or a post so I feel like I haven't seen him do too much more then that. Size wise I can't believe how big he looks next to dbacks.. especially in the arkansas game. But he seems to leave Tannehill out to dry a lot, some lack of concentration maybe? or just inconsistent hands maybe? He also doesn't give 100% on every play you can tell very quickly. Seems like a ton of potential though.... but yea

What year is Swope in? will he be declaring next year?