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For a long time I've liked Shayne Skov above Te'o. This may be assuming a lot with respect to Skov's injury and how well he's coming back from it, but I still do.
This could be an excellent draft for Miami to really tackle their problem areas. Best case scenario, at least from this far out, might be to get a good wr in free agency and then concentrate on pass rushers and rebuilding the linebacking corps. I know you probably don't want to stick a round on a prospect this early, but where about would Shayne Skov and Chase Thomas project? I like Thomas a lot. I think he has pass rush ability and versatility. Also, I'm not the biggest fan of Karlos Dansby. He is a good player, but he really turned me off by coming into the season overweight last year. With his contract and supposed leadership status that should not happen.