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its pretty self explanitory. just another false flag attack to push an agenda. a scared and fearful public is one that is easy to manipulate.
If it was so self explanatory I wouldn't have asked....be that as it may,

Do you honestly think members in the house and senate contacted MM to confuse/distort witness testimony just to push anti-gun laws?!? Even better, have MM (ABC News) stretch it to the point the Tea Party did it? That would be even more incredible than the current Fast and Furious debacle the State Dep and ATF ran over a year ago to incite public outrage over gun control. Dude, I don't trust the govt any further than I could throw it but I have serious doubts as to the credibility of your line of thinking that the tragedy in Aurora was staged or that the media is making the public fearful for manipulation. In fact, I think the exact opposite has already happened. Gun license applications/sales have spiked along with ammo purchases since this has happened. Me thinks your conspiracies are misplaced.