Well I need to get my ass on the course more. I haven't played nearly enough this year, I buddy of mine told me a cool story Monday that happened here on a local course.

His father and his sister were golfing with him, his sister wanted to learn more about golf. She took a job as a manager slightly below the executive level some place and need to learn and become more versed in golf. So my bud and his father took her out to explain the terminology and stuff, she had played in the past but only a few times. Anyway she left early for her class reunion and left her dad and bother to the course. My buddy says we come to a par 3 at hole 14, dad tees up the ball and hits a beauty. It bounces twice and my buddy looks over and says, holy ****in' **** did that just do what I think it did? Sure as **** a two bouncer into the hole for a hole in one. Another golfer walking down the 13th saw it and singed the card as a witness.

So that leads me to this question, who out there has hit the holy grail of shots the hole in one?

Anyone ever hit a hole in one or played in a group who has? Closest I ever came was rolling a ball past the stick about two feet but I am pretty sure it lipped or hit the stick, it was coming in pretty hot. The closes one in one shot I have ever seen came from a good friend of mine who is not even a boogie golfer, ****er hit a beauty of shot at a state course and it hit about 3 feet past the hole and spun back to within 1/2" of dropping. It was close enough we thought it would drop but it never did lol.