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No it is quite true, in an atheistic universe knowledge would be completely impossible because none of the preconditions of intelligibility could be assumed to be true, thus making knowledge itself impossible. We know what we know because we live in a Universe governed by the God of the Bible. So even when a person questions His existence, the very act of questioning and seeking truth prove His existence.
That makes zero logical sense. If you want to go down the philosophical road of "we cant know anything for sure" then thats fine. You cant just arbitrarily say that you need the Christian God in order to know anything though. If thats your personal philosophy thats fine as well, but its simply not provable in any way. Thats how YOU view the world, but it doesnt have the backing of actual evidence or proof. All you did was say that God exists because you think we we need God in order to reason. OK...prove it. You cant. And frankly its pretty ridiculous.