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No, you used a movie quote to avoid having to address my arguments, which makes you the one who is “dodging”, ironic huh?

Considering that sarcasm is a tonal quality I don’t really blame myself for missing it in writing.

Which point are you referring to? If it’s a logically fallacious point all I am obligated to do is point out your error, which I did. Debating a point that is not logically valid to begin with is a waste of both of our time.

As I already pointed out, I don’t have to, scripture supports my position and until you can provide any reason to doubt scripture then I am completely justified in accepting its timeline. If someone told me, “Yeah my son is 15 years old”, without any evidence to the contrary I have no reason to doubt them that their son is really 15, and neither do you. Nor would you ask me to provide any additional evidence to believe he’s 15. Now say that the parent who claims their son is 15 years old is infallible, well then I would be completely irrational to then doubt the age of their son. So from where I stand you look completely irrational because you doubt the Biblical account without any evidence to support your skepticism. Being skeptical for the sake of skepticism is not rational behavior.

I already did, if they can’t date rocks of known age then there is no basis at all to believe they can date rocks of unknown age; method debunked.

It wasn’t a problem.

Not worth another post? That seems a bit harsh :-P

Running from debates isn’t usually a successful strategy for winning debates, but it is a play out of Dawkins’ playbook so I at least know where you learned it.

Rob ran from the debate before we even started; kudos for having the stones to stick it out longer than he did though.

I don’t debate to put notches in my belt, I debate to defend my position and to poke holes in the opposition’s position.

Are you saying you’re a Christian then? Now’s your chance to identify yourself.

The majority of Christians I know believe it is young, maybe you just need to meet more Christians.

I never said they were all atheists, I believe they are completely inconsistent though. An atheist who is worth his weight in salt can poke holes in an Old Earth Christian so easily, where as a Young Earth Christian holds to a much more consistent position when it comes to their views of reality, so they are far tougher in debates in my opinion. This is exactly why Dawkins will not debate the young earth guys but has no problem debating the old earth ones; even though I don’t think he fairs too well against even those guys (see his debate against Lennox, it’s hilarious).
Like I predicted, a sentence by sentence breakdown, and yet you contributed absolutely nothing to the debate.

The only thing I wanted to respond to was your comment about meeting more Christians. I was in a youth group all throughout middle school and high school. Went on 3 Christian retreats, taught vacation Bible school in the summers, and volunteered at a Christian led soup kitchen. My wife, parents and half my friends including my best man are all devout Christians. So, no I think I know plenty of Christians. Neither my 2 pastor's, nor my youth group leader, nor anyone that I ever talked to ever mentioned that they thought the Earth was only 4000 years old. Now, In my senior year of high school I did attend a bunch of different churches (my parents were trying to find a new one), and I believe a person or 2 talked about a young Earth. Now granted it's not like I go to every Christian I meet and ask them how old the Earth is, but the topic of whether or not to take the story of Adam and Eve literally does come up quite often.

Also, you said that non-young Earth Christians are inconsistent. Inconsistent with what? I'm sure you realize that the Bible contains both documented history and metaphors. Who are you to decide what is story and what is real. You don't have special powers, it is only your belief that the story of Adam and Eve took less than a week. To say that any Christian who doesn't believe the Bible to be exactly how you interpret it is being inconsistent is just comical. In your world it is only black and white. "Christianity is the only true religion, why...because that's what I believe", "Young Earth is the only consistent Christian belief, why....because that's what I believe." My guess is if you were born in Pakistan, you'd be saying, "Islam is the only true religion."