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Her's the article:

Seriously, whatever- if 90% of brain capacity is used (who really knows?) then there's 10% left to be discovered. This isn't a scientific research paper I'm writing here, I'm just trying to make a point- the human mind isn't fully understood, and I'm willing to give Ricky Williams the benefit of the doubt in terms of his medical approaches and what he's trying to accomplish.
I understand that, however, there is no part of the human brain that is left unused. 100% of our brain is active almost 100% of the time actually. However, obviously there are still mysteries remaining in regards to the human brain. This just isn't one of them. It's a myth that's constantly perpetuated by pop culture. More on topic, I'm a Ricky fan and enjoy his views. I just don't like the idea of kids possibly being indoctrinated into something like that.