Good grief. Even Sandusky might look at these two funny.

Two men in graphic details discussed in chat rooms their desire to kidnap young children, sexually abuse them and eat them alive, federal prosecutors said in court documents. Authorities allege they found pictures of decapitated children that had been bound and cooked on one of the men's computer.

Other lewd pictures of children engaged in bondage were allegedly found inside the man's home in Largo, FL, following a raid on July 19. A missing child's flyer was allegedly found inside the home.
One of the men accused of the heinous discussions is from Roeland Park. He was working as a paramedic and was charged earlier this year.

Michael D. Arnett, then 38 years old, was accused of taking photographs of young boys with their private parts exposed. The boys were toddlers with clothes wrapped around their heads and their mouths gagged. One of the boys, who was 1 to 2 years old, was in a roasting plan displayed in an open oven, according to court documents.