Time for something different. There is a member of the Halo community that recently did a grid drawings of the Halo 3 Master Chief. And after seeing his drawing I realized I hadn't done a grid drawing in years. And I figured I would share with my fellow Fin Fans to show I am not limited to just Photoshop.

So, after seeing his picture I wanted to do one of Chief as well. So I thought, why not do the new Chief from Halo 4. I figured it would be a bit of a challenge because there aren't a lot of pictures of him just yet. So I took a screen shot from the E3 demo (a much bigger version of that one) and cropped it down so it wasn't so big. I used Photoshop to make it gray scale and sized it down to roughly a 4x6 picture for printing. But I am only using the gray scale picture to get the rough shape of the armor down. Once I have the line art done I will be using oil pastels to color it. I did a Darth Maul drawing (I no long have the original drawing.) like this for a friend several years back.

So I then glued the gray scale picutre onto a piece of grid paper and drew my grid over it. I then scaled it up to a poster board with 1.5 inch squares. So the actual size of my drawing is 19.5 inches wide and 27 inches high.

Here is my progress so far:
Here is a picture of the grid with the original picture for size comparison.

This is a close up on the rough sketch of Chief. I did this just to make sure everything was in the right place before adding detail.

And this is my progress so far with the details of the armor.

I will update this as I make progress on it.

Forgive my spelling. This was sent from my phone.